Sunday, January 29, 2006

Partisan Political Myths

If Democrats often seem to be on the defensive, perhaps it's because they have good reason to be if user-submitted myths listed at are to be taken as any indication. Red inspired myths about Blueful ones outweigh Blue myths about the Reddish populi by a margin of more than 3 to 1.

You just have to chuckle at #23 "They lie and mislead the American people" and #34 "They prefer spending than balancing the budget." In any case, if the success of the swiftboat campaign against Kerry during the 2004 campaign is to be taken as any indicator, those ignorant "redneck" elitists may, if nothing else, not be so ignorant afterall.

Now, without further adieu, a dozen myths about Republicans and 3 dozen plus myths about Democrats:

Myths about Republicans
1. Republicans Are All Misinformed
2. Republicans Are All Conservatives
3. Republicans Are All Paranoid
4. Republicans Are All Religious Fanatics
5. Republicans Are All Incapable of Showing Compassion
6. Republicans Are All Caucasians
7. Republicans Are All Ignorant
8. Republicans Are All "Rednecks"
9. Republicans Are All A Disgrace to Society
10. Republicans Are All Elitists
11. Republicans Are All Wealthy
12. Republicans Are Intellectually Depraved (inspired by CanadaSucks)

Myths about Democrats
1. They love the federal government
2. They want more social programs
3. They're foreign policy views are weak
4. They like rewarding lazy people
5. They're too cozy with gays, lesbians and minorities
6. They hated Reagan and they hate Bush
7. They are all politically correct
8. They support abortion on demand
9. Because they want to take your gun rights away
10. They make too many demands when it comes to America's problems
11. They abhor the military
12. They're mean-spirited
13. They hate wealthy people
14. Because they're "in-your-face" pseudo-intellectuals
15. They all hate war (suggested by swangmaster8)
16. They're ugly-looking
17. Because they're against capital punishment
18. They're all liberals
19. They love taxes and tax increases
20. It's because they hate traditional family values
22. They hate Christians
23. They lie and mislead the American people
24. They hate Southerners
25. Because they're soft on crime
26. They're soft on terrorism and soft on Communism
27. They hate surburban and rural people
28. They create and leave too much mess
29. They're anti-American
30. They hate white people
31. They admire Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
32. Maybe because they're sexual predators
33. They simply don't care
34. They prefer spending than balancing the budget
35. They want the poor stuck on welfare
36. They're morally destructive
37. They support the East Coast establishment (suggested by Widgeon)
38. They're urban dwellers